Javeon Jerovetz Family

Meet Javeon, a magnificent 3 year old that has been battling ependymoma (brain cancer) since he was 8 months old.
This little guy’s treatment has been a rollercoaster. In June of 2014, he had his first surgery and 33 rounds of radiation. Though the treatment worked, in August 2016, his tumor came back, and little Javeon had to undergo another surgery, and 33 more rounds of radiation. Again, the treatment appeared to have helped, but on October 10, 2018, the tumor returned. The 3rd return of the tumor is not like the first two. This time, it situated itself up against the jugular vein, making surgery too risky. As of November 2nd, 2018 the tumor has already doubled in size.
As of now, Javeon’s treatment plan currently includes immunotherapy infusions every two weeks. Unfortunately, though these treatments are non-curative and the tumor is nearing his brain stem.
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